pycf3 - Cosmicflows Galaxy Distance-Velocity Calculator client for Python

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pycf3 is a Python client for the Cosmicflows-3 Distance-Velocity Calculator, and NAM Distance-Velocity Calculator

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pycf3 is under The BSD 3 License

The BSD 3-clause license allows you almost unlimited freedom with the software so long as you include the BSD copyright and license notice in it (found in Fulltext).

Basic Install


$ pip install pycf3

Development Install

Clone this repo and install with pip

$ git clone
$ cd pycf3
$ pip install -e .

Quick Usage

>>> import pycf3
>>> cf3 = pycf3.CF3()
>>> result = cf3.calculate_distance(velocity=9000, glon=283, glat=75)
>>> print(result.observed_velocity_)
>>> result.observed_distance_

For more information, read the tutorial in the documentation.


  • If you use the results of this work in your research or other applications, please cite Kourkchi et al. 2020, AJ, 159, 67
  • Please acknowledge pycf3 in any research report or publication that requires citation of any author’s work. Our suggested acknowledgment is:
The authors acknowledge the pycf3 project that contributed to the research reported here. <;


All data exposed by pycf3 belongs to the project

Cosmicflows-3 Distance-Velocity Calculator ( Copyright (C) Cosmicflows Team - The Extragalactic Distance Database (EDD)

Please cite:

Kourkchi, E., Courtois, H. M., Graziani, R., Hoffman, Y., Pomarede, D., Shaya, E. J., & Tully, R. B. (2020). Cosmicflows-3: Two Distance–Velocity Calculators. The Astronomical Journal, 159(2), 67.


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This project is part of the QuatroPe scientific tools.

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